Who are we?

We are three software engineering students from Berlin who got excited about the science behind HRV Biofeedback training. We were familiar with heart rate variability as a biomarker to measure the body's recovery and stress. But we didn't know about the potential of HRV training until Josh Waitzkin talked about his experience in the Tim Ferriss podcast. After researching the scientific background, we were impressed by the solid evidence base and the variety of potential applications, from helping people with anxiety, asthma, migraine, or hypertension to peak performance training of elite athletes.

All of this sounded too good to be true, so we wanted to try this promising technique ourselves. We searched for a tool to practice HRV biofeedback but couldn't find an accessible solution. We learned more about the subject, talked to biofeedback practitioners, and eventually started to work on our own product.
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Julian Gentges

Software engineering student, Theoretical medicine dropout, programming since he’s 14 (now 25)

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Colin Böhning

Software engineering student, focus on interaction design, B.A. in Biology

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Tung Nguyen Thanh

Software engineering student, background in economics and marketing

Our vision

We want to provide more people with access to evidence-based tools that have the potential to improve our quality of life. In a world full of external stimuli resonance helps us to listen to our bodies. We don't want people to become dependent on technology. We use technology as a means to help us increase our self-awareness. We believe that this increasingly nuanced introspection has a sustainable impact on our quality of life.