Find the optimal breathing technique for your individual physiology.

Stress less. Increase focus. Perform better.

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Resonance is not another breathing or meditation app. We enable you to practice Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Biofeedback Training. An evidence-based training approach that has shown to help people improve performance in high demanding situations, and reduce stress and anxiety. The main goal is to better self-regulate. Through regular practice, you can learn to activate your nervous system most optimally to smoothly switch gears between performing at your peak and calming down to a good night's sleep.

What makes resonance different?

Based on science, not guesswork.

Keep track of your progress by monitoring relevant parameters for resilience and emotional flexibility.

You don't need a sensor.

No more hassle with external sensors. Use your phone camera to measure HRV with 96% accuracy (compared to ECG).

It's your data.

We value your privacy. That is why we calculate all metrics on-device. We will never sell your data.

Here is how it works.

Find your individual Resonance Frequency.

As a first Step of HRV Biofeedback training you have to find the breathing frequency that leads to the greatest oscillations in your heart rate. Breathing at this frequency strengthens your bodies ability to adapt to change more quickly and efficiently.

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Once you've found your Resonance Frequency, you can practice at this breathing rate and use live feedback to see how your body adapts to it. At some point, you should be able to practice resonance breathing even without guidance.

Monitor your progress.

Monitor your progress and see how regular practice strengthens your nervous system. You will track different parameters that will tell you how your body’s ability to self regulate increases.

Screen from the resonance app showing details of a measurement.

Any questions?

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What's the difference to meditation?
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Similar to regular meditation practices HRV Biofeedback training strengthens your Mind-body connection. The main difference is that biofeedback training is a goal-directed practice which takes real-time data of your physiology into account. You will gain greater awareness and conscious control of physiological functions like correct breathing and heart rate.

Because HRV Biofeedback training is based on objective biomarkers, it helps people to cultivate a regular and goal-directed practice.

HRV Biofeedback trains your cardiovascular system to navigate through challenges with precision and trains your autonomic nervous system to cope better with your emotions.

What is HRV biofeedback training?
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HRV stands for Heart Rate Variability and is an indicator of your body’s ability to quickly adapt to external influences. HRV can also indicate the current stress load on your autonomic nervous system, reflecting if the sympathetic ("fight or flight") or parasympathetic ("pause and plan") part is more dominant.

During HRV Biofeedback training you learn to maximise heart rate increases and decreases with each breath cycle (inhalation and exhalation). To do this, you can determine your so-called resonance frequency breathing rate. Regular practice at this breathing rate increases HRV and trains your physiological and emotional flexibility and resilience.

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I am not an elite athlete nor a high stake decision-maker. Why should I use resonance?
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Even though HRV Biofeedback is used by many elite athletes and top performers, its benefits can be of great value to all of us. Whether you need to be present on stage or you want to quickly unwind after a long workday, physiological self-regulation is a key skill that can help all of us live a more balanced and less stressful life.

Where can I download your app?
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Resonance is currently in beta. Request early access and get onboarded soon.

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What kind of sensor do I need?
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You don't need an external sensor. Use your phone camera to measure HRV with 96% accuracy (compared to ECG).